About Me

Lorelie Dazo - crocheter
Lorelie Dazo – crocheter

I started crocheting when I was in grade II. My sisters all had their projects about crochet for their Home Economics class and I just can’t wait to try.

My mother was my first teacher. She taught me how to make a single chain.

It was fun and it was (I then thought) easy so I asked her to teach me more. And so I learned other basic stitches but I cannot make something pretty and usable… Almost all my first works were circular since I cannot make uniform stitches.

Our neighbor taught me how to make the granny square. It was then I thought that I could make my own patterns and motifs then attach them with another…

I also design accessories

I used to design  and sell accessories too.

My transition from beading to crocheting happened when I came across monaco crochet threads sold at our Cooperative store :) during my first (and last) semester at graduate school.

This hobby is quite handy. I do not need to bring much with me. Just a ball of yarn and a hook and I can do it anywhere.  That’s why i got hooked 😀