It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Blame it to the microblogging websites and social networks that gives me immediate gratification for posting. I have been actively updating my [#ginantsilyo, @ginantsilyo] Instagram, that I have left out this blog to (rot). So just to make it updated, I would summarize what… Read More

Today, I am about to make a yarn purchase. I know, I said no yarn purchase for a year but somehow excuses always find a way to butt in and make me seemingly believe it is reasonable enough to spend some more to the items that make me a little bit more cheerful than I… Read More

It is true, that most love stories are expected to begin with how they met, and ends with and they live happily ever after (which are usually highlighted by a grand cheerful wedding (or melodramatic)). But I would not begin mine with that, no. What I want to highlight is our life together as a… Read More

You see, for the past days i have been thinking about the things that I was only dreaming about while growing up. Well right now, two of my dreams have unfolded before my eyes: One is getting a new house. Literally dream-like. I still find it really really surreal that in a few days we… Read More

Last month was my birth month. Though we did not celebrate it because of the continuous rainfall in the Philippines, my husband agreed to take me on a “me and just me” date last August 26, amidst the call for a #millionpeoplesmarch against pork barrel issue. That “me and just me” date was stupenduous to… Read More

You can say that again when you see these: Unfortunately, this design is no longer available You can contact me if you want to order a custom design for your own beach getaway… Read More

I have no intention to actually write this down, but i would like to be able to recollect this memory as something that is good enough to start a conversation among friends A week ago, one of my friends mentioned this on a chat with me. Asking if I knew a certain facebook account, she… Read More

I have long wanted to create my own brand. A brand that offers unique and elegant designs as well as delicate and high-quality craftmanship. Before I opened my facebook page at, my plan was to start with a line of bags I personally designed but the plan was sidetracked with so many things that… Read More

It warms my heart every time my friends love my work. A friend tagged me in her photos and I was really taken by the striking scenery of waves and sand that I fail to find a reason why I was tagged. Then I realized that she was wearing the crocheted shorts she ordered me… Read More

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Gina, presented me her latest project. A crocheted woolen skirt of deep purple and black. She had intend to sell the skirt and asked me for marketing help. But when I saw the skirt, I immediately wanted it. Not for me, but for my sister, who has… Read More