Another Yarn Purchase – Mulberry Silk!

Today, I am about to make a yarn purchase.
I know, I said no yarn purchase for a year :) but somehow excuses always find a way to butt in and make me seemingly believe it is reasonable enough to spend some more to the items that make me a little bit more cheerful than I already am.

I love yarns. I really do. I think the amount of these stuffs in my room ultimately describe how much I love them.

I have no other reasons to justify myself why I have to do another purchase, in my case, I do not want to reason it with because I have another project or so. It is just that the yarns I am going to buy, I never had them and I am just as happy that my husband who seemingly spoils me with anything I want always says OK. Go! Top it with some friends who indulge me into just digging in and enjoy.

And I will :) Hopefully the yarns arrive by next month :)

Diadem Fingering Yarn from

The yarns would be coming from KnitPicks. I have been wanting mulberry silk, and this is like a dream come true.

The new crowning achievement of your yarn stash! Diadem is an ultra-luxe single ply fingering weight yarn with a very subtle differences in thickness – all while combining the plush softness of baby alpaca with the dazzling sheen of silk. Inspired by prized jewels and gemstones, these precious fibers are dyed in an eye-catching array of subtle semi-solid tonals, producing one-of-a-kind treasures that are rich with texture and depth. –