I have a friend named Gina

I have a friend named Gina. We were working in the same company, three years back. I sometimes hang out with her group of friends during lunch and merienda, but we were never really close as we are now. Maybe because the time when I was new in the company, she was on a maternity leave. When she got back, there were never enough time to be really close, but according to her, I was able to influence her into crocheting. Hence, the story of friendship begun.

Me and Gina Three years back

Me and Gina Three years back

Me and gina now

Me and gina now

This is one of the few good stories that crafting really brings people together. Most of the similarities, besides the passion for the craft comes from having “bigger than life” son, and a recently married life, which becomes our everyday topic as we share frustrations over missed stitch and lost hooks and delight over recently finished projects.

Gina loves crocheting. I think, more than crocheting itself, she likes the joy it brings to his son, who she adores so much that almost all her works are attributed to him. My most favorite one, a crocheted vest made from silk-cashmere blend.

Crochet Pullover for Thor

Crochet Pullover for Thor

Look at the facce of her kid!

I also love the bag she made. It’s an owl! And yes, it is for this sweet little kiddo again!

Crochet owl bag

Crochet owl bag

She also made a pair of socks, some toys and hats and scarves and so many more for this lucky child. I do wish I could make something for my baby too. But as selfish as I am, almost all my works are for me, and me and me. Besides, my son hates socks, hats, scarves and jackets. He only likes to wear very thin shirts.

Hehe, now back to Gina. I am telling this because we recently shared eagerness to earn something from crochet. As she was really very prudent in pricing her creations, I am encouraging her to take more value in what she can do, hence you might see some of her creations in my facebook page as well. :) Hopefully, our venture would be profitable :) Goodluck to us!!!






Who won the give yarns this christmas part two contest?

You might have not heard from me who won the “Give Yarns this Christmas, Part II” Contest, so I will update you guys. Let’s hear first what our dudettes made for christmas.

One entry came from a dear friend, Gina – who crocheted purses, bags and headbands for her friends. Lucky them!

She said that:

This year since I’m busy too much I decided to crochet gift items but sadly I cannot crochet as much as I want so my gift is limited to those who are near my area and to those who I see everyday.

Whoa… to the people who will receive these gifts, you are very lucky for having the opportunity to be in her Christmas list. Devoting your time to crafting and giving is not easy especially for a full-time employee/mother like Gina!

Here’s a peak to what she created:

Gina's Crocheted Christmas Gifts

Gina’s Crocheted Christmas Gifts

My most favorite from the treats is the green mesh bag on the right side. :) My favorite color is green so I am actually biased. I requested her to take a closer pic of the bag though before she gave it away. Hopefully she would update me for a nicer photo.

The other entry came from Ms. Girlie, who won the contest and received loads of yarns from me, crocheted big stuffs, like boleros (long sleeved ones, mind you) , scarves and shawls. She said that:

I just crochet these from October to this day and here it is, I had to share. I know it’s cold where they are specially now as its winter season so I made some wearable long sleeves, shawl , scarf and hat to keep them warm, pouches and bag for their accessories.

Girlie's Crocheted Christmas Gifts

Girlie’s Crocheted Christmas Gifts

I like the white version she made :

Girlie's White Bolero as crocheted christmas gift

Girlie’s White Bolero as crocheted christmas gift

To these gals, thank you for joining and sharing your gifts! I salute you for actually taking the effort to handcraft your gifts.

Watch out for new contests next year! Have a happy and fantastic new year everyone!


Share the love and blessings

Love for yarns!

Love for yarns!

Few years back, I have known a lot of people through my craft that had graciously encouraged me to continue crocheting by sending me yarns even they are from overseas. Almost all my friends who have been outside the country would come home or would send a parcel for me with yarns of different colors and fiber content. Even though yarn stores were really out of their way, they were willing to be lost just so they could buy me a ball or two. And even some of my friends here in the Philippines, would go to Baguio for my sake.

I also met some few through my blog that unhesitatingly befriended me and sent me yarns as token of friendship though I have never met them in person.

These are the reasons why I, myself, am not hesitant to send a lot of yarns too, so that the feeling of excitement and gratitude would proliferate and would cause a continuous chain reaction, that they too would find in their hearts that it is really heartwarming to reach out and share.

With this, I would like to thank Gina, Cherry and Girlie, for giving me an opportunity to share what I have experienced and extend my gratitude to those people who have shown me kindness in the same way. May the yarns I have sent on your doorsteps have made your Christmas, a little bit happier than it already is.

To all of you, Merry Christmas!!!!