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Mix & Match – Ginantsilyo

Though the air is still chilly specially in the morning, most of us look forward to summer vacation. Ginantsilyo offers a stylish mix to match the summer heat!

Summer Get Up - Blue Ginantsilyo

Summer Get Up – Blue Ginantsilyo

So, what’s on the shelf? The crocheted skirt is up as a “made to order” item. Small – medium size costs 1,200Php. Add Php200 per size increase.

Blue Crocheted Skirt

Blue Crocheted Skirt

The skirt is made of cotton blend on soft blue tone. The hipline is accentuated with a square motif with adjustable “drawstring” belt.

Another up for grab is the very stylish owl crochet earrings

Blue crochet owl earrings

Blue crochet owl earrings

This pair is a smaller version of the Big & Chunky Earrings offered last month. The earrings are made from embroidery cotton thread with sapphire blue class A stones and kidney earring hooks :)

The earrings are currently available for Php 250. The owl is approximately 1″ (not including the hook and the bead)

* (Bikini top is not available for sale)

**Shipping fee not included.



Calla Lily – Crocheted Earrings

I love the book 100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield. My only problem with this is almost all the lovely flowers I would love to crochet is given as “knit instructions”.

100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield

100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield

But fortunately, I have taken the instructions given in the book as guide to hacking my crochet instructions of the calla lily. If you are a knitter, proceed to following the instructions given in this page. If you are a crocheter like me, I have a decent hack of the said pattern:

100 Flowers to knit and crochet - arum lily

100 Flowers to knit and crochet – arum lily

Note that  I do not claim to have an exact translation of the knit-crochet pattern. Also I am not very good in writing instructions.

This is my crochet version of the motif:

The trick is use embroidery threads instead of yarn, 0.70mm hook and White Glue to make the earrings stiff after crocheting

Tools for creating tiny earrings

Tools for creating tiny earrings

You will need three colors of thread: Yarn A (white), Yarn B (green), Yarn C (yellow)

Use Yarn C:

The spathe is crocheted using 6 strands of thread.

ch 10. Fold in two. (set aside)

Special stitches:

2sc cluster: 2sc in 1 st, equivalent to 2sc count

2sctog: 1 sc in 2 st, equivalent to 1 sc count

(n)sc: where (n) is number, 1sc on 1st (n) times;

The lily:

Use two strands of  Yarn A:

Foundation ch 6, (crochet in rounds, with sl st to close each round)

round 1: 9 sc around

round 2: sc, 2sc cluster (around) make 15 sc

round 3 – 6: 15 sc around

Fill the cavity with excess thread

round 7: sc, 2sctog around (makes 9 sc)

crochet in rows, start each row with ch

row 8-9: 9sc

row 10: sc, 2sc cluster for the remaining 8 st, (17 sc)

row 11: sc, 2sc cluster for the remaining 16 st (33 sc)

row 12-13: 33sc

row 14 – 17: *2sc, 2sctog*  (repeat * til end of row)( make 25sc,  19 sc, 14sc, 11sc)

row 18-23: *2sctog, 2sc* (repeat * til end of row) (make 8sc, 6sc, 4sc, 3sc)

row 24: 2sctog, sc (2 sc)

row 25: 2sctog (1sc)

row 25: sc (1sc)

cut off yarn


Use two strands of Yarn B.

attach yarn to the tip of the lily (foundation ch)

9sc (three rows)


Insert the spathe inside the lily.

Cover the earrings with white glue then let it dry.

Attach pearl/bead to the end of the lily using jewelry wire :)


Final Product:

Dangling Crocheted Earrings - motif: Arum Lily

Dangling Crocheted Earrings – motif: Arum Lily
from 100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield

Second attempt:

Calla Lily White

Calla Lily White



A promising new year

This year is very promising. I launched my new facebook page, in lieu of a message sent by my friend, Ms. Meikah, who bought earrings from me last year.

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!

A friend of hers saw my earrings and are interested to sell these items abroad. Yipee!!!! Just good enough reason for me to launch my facebook page, which I did plan last year. I just told myself, I have to finish the bags I am crocheting before launching it, but due to this news, I have to! So that I could share the excitement and thrill and yes, so that I can showcase some products. :)

Hence another good news, a friend of my husband from Saudi Arabia placed an advanced order for this white little blouse,

White Crocheted Blouse

White Crocheted Blouse

This is very good news as I have a reason to write down the pattern as well.

Another big deal is that I am crocheting a new bag design I created myself:

Bag Handle

Bag Handle

The bag handle is my favorite part of the bag. It’s textured and very tightly crocheted that it hurts. My nanay(mother-in-law) liked it too. She likes a lot of expensive bags and she said that it looks “tutyal” or very high-end. I really like being praised (for my works) because it makes me want to finish the items I am doing despite the pain and numbness of my fingers and joints.

I hope you are having a very good new year too!

Big and Fat and Silver Crocheted Earrings

Background: I decided I am going to sell so that I can earn the money I need to purchase new yarns. This way, I can buy what I want without harming our budget.

Big and Fat and Silver – retails at P200 per pair

They are crocheted using a 100% Metallic Polyester yarn from Ice Yarns. I used kidney earring wires so that it will have a lock, hence it will lessen the probability that you will lose the crocheted earring :)

crocheted leaves

crocheted leaves – inspired from Irish Crochet’s Fern leaves

crocheted owl

crocheted owl – original design by

Long, Tear Drop Earrings

Long, Tear Drop Earrings – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Peacock

Crocheted Peacock – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Pouty Fish

Crocheted Pouty Fish – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Wheel Rollovers

Crocheted Wheel Rollovers – inspired from Irish Crocheted Flowers

meow - crocheted cat

meow – crocheted cat – original design and concept by

various flowers

various flowers – inspired by 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet, angel is original design and concept

I am so happy with the earrings that I want them to be boxed on special boxes, so I have to take out my cricut machine to create fabulous boxes:

elegantly boxed up!

elegantly boxed up!

I am also happy to say that I was able to sell everything. It is also nice that the buyer appreciates my craft :) Thank you Ms. Meikah! And I hope your recipients would be very happy to receive handcrafted gifts from Ginantsilyo!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!