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Big and Fat and Silver Crocheted Earrings

Background: I decided I am going to sell so that I can earn the money I need to purchase new yarns. This way, I can buy what I want without harming our budget.

Big and Fat and Silver – retails at P200 per pair

They are crocheted using a 100% Metallic Polyester yarn from Ice Yarns. I used kidney earring wires so that it will have a lock, hence it will lessen the probability that you will lose the crocheted earring :)

crocheted leaves

crocheted leaves – inspired from Irish Crochet’s Fern leaves

crocheted owl

crocheted owl – original design by

Long, Tear Drop Earrings

Long, Tear Drop Earrings – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Peacock

Crocheted Peacock – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Pouty Fish

Crocheted Pouty Fish – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Wheel Rollovers

Crocheted Wheel Rollovers – inspired from Irish Crocheted Flowers

meow - crocheted cat

meow – crocheted cat – original design and concept by

various flowers

various flowers – inspired by 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet, angel is original design and concept

I am so happy with the earrings that I want them to be boxed on special boxes, so I have to take out my cricut machine to create fabulous boxes:

elegantly boxed up!

elegantly boxed up!

I am also happy to say that I was able to sell everything. It is also nice that the buyer appreciates my craft :) Thank you Ms. Meikah! And I hope your recipients would be very happy to receive handcrafted gifts from Ginantsilyo!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!

Two deliveries in one day

I got two visits from LBC and Postal Office, one for the knitting book I bought at and the other is for the yarns I bought from Turkey.

The book will be given as a gift to my nanay, because she wants to learn how to knit.

This is such a happy day because I am not expecting the yarns to come any sooner. :) But since my kiddo is the only dude in the house, he gets to inspect if the goodies his mommy received are the right ones

kiddo inspecting my goodies

kiddo inspecting my goodies. he is actually holding the receipt on the other hand.

You would actually think he is inspecting the yarns the way he holds the receipt and look into the yarns and look into the receipt again.

mmm what is next on the list

mmm what is next on the list

Mmm… I think my kiddo is checking if I got everything right.

Hehehe.. as if he is not satisfied, he even opened a set of yarn

just to be sure, he is opening one

just to be sure, he is opening one

And after the inspection I get to really touch and drool! Yei! I got my yarns. Louie is laughing with me as I jump and jump 😀 haha.. Today is a happy day, indeed.