Yarns for Moira

This is long overdue. Every time I think of the yarns I will give to Moira, I cannot help but be poetic. Her name conveys allusion to something blissful yet strong and firm, or so I just feel that way. So I looked up the meaning of “Moira”
and found that it means:

From the classical world, the name Moira stems from the Greek word for fate, also meaning ‘doom’, ‘destiny’ and ‘lot’. In Scotland, Ireland and England, the name Moira is said to mean ‘bitter’.

source: http://wiki.name.com/en/Moira

The name alone conveys two definition almost unrelated to each other :P.

Anyway.. I want to show the yarns I was able to wind by hand, as she requested for “a little bit of everything”:

Yarns for Moira

Yarns for Moira

and here is the poem I am able to write because the phrase “Yarns for Moira” keeps singing in my head

Yarns for Moira

Happiness is best enjoyed when shared.
‘Tis a bundle of joy in each ball of thread.
Wound as dense as a tightly clasped fist.
Gift to a friend who crochets using plastic

Daffodils and Lace Skirt

I was writing the pattern for my blue skirt when I remember one of my favorite poems by William Wordsworth: Daffodils. And as i draw the pattern of the skirt, i see the hills of daffodils… I feel like writing…

daffodils and lace skirt

Daffodils and lace skirt

Daffodils and lace skirt.
[short poem by Lorelie Dazo]

I wander, lonely as I am…
floating aimlessly on the clouds of dreams
I have nothing to own, nothing to claim
but the thoughts to create.
I see the hills of daffodils and I translate them to lace
of pure madness and sheer happiness
a skirt full of grace

Of Love and Valentine’s

Today is Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate more love than we usually do, let me share a poem I have written years ago for my then boyfriend, now husband. I wrote this even before we got engaged without realizing that this would be an oath of a love that will forever hold true. Actually, every time I recite (silently) or read this poem, I cry, not of sadness of course. Just because I meant every word I have written.

Here it is, and yes, it’s titled simply:

I love you, Mike

I love you mike, I really do

What I want most is to be with you.

My dreams are scarce as compared

To my yearning of the days we’d shared


I love you mike, for years to come

You would always be my only one.

The life I seek would not suffice

If not spent by your side.


I love you mike, from this day on

Ours is a love meant to grow strong

I see tomorrow with my hands locked on yours

With this…. I ask for no more.


If these are not enough to say my oath

Of a love that will forever hold

I love you mike, Come what may

I’ll stay with you ’til my last day.

Single Crochet-sc poem

I think that I shall never see
A stitch as lovely as sc

A stitch which forms a lovely mesh
Against crochet chain’s simple lace.

A stitch that looks so firm yet light
In a fabric crocheted from left to right

A stitch that may in summer wear
Become crocheted bandeau in one’s hair

Upon whose hands I shall crochet
The intricate woven filigree

Crocheted stitches make fools like me
But only sc makes a full amigurumi

-Lorelie Dazo (January 18, 2013)

Amigurumi Bunny

Amigurumi Bunny

*SC -> Single Crochet


Amigurumi – crocheted stuff toys

When you make amigurumi the stitches are all single crochet



I have confirmed! I used SC 😀

An ode to pattern writing


writing down the pattern

writing down the pattern


on counting stitches and marking repeats

on manipulating designs of adjusting widths.

I tally the chains, the loops and the dc’s

and scribble them down on my small writing sheet.


I crochet a few rows then stop to see

if the created piece of clothing fits me

and then I go on and stitch a few more

til a part of the garment is ready to go.


And then i predict the few rows ahead

and checks if the pattern is still correct

if i have to unravel then I will unravel it so,

just to make sure i have counted the right rows