Of Love and Valentine’s

Today is Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate more love than we usually do, let me share a poem I have written years ago for my then boyfriend, now husband. I wrote this even before we got engaged without realizing that this would be an oath of a love that will forever hold true. Actually, every time I recite (silently) or read this poem, I cry, not of sadness of course. Just because I meant every word I have written.

Here it is, and yes, it’s titled simply:

I love you, Mike

I love you mike, I really do

What I want most is to be with you.

My dreams are scarce as compared

To my yearning of the days we’d shared


I love you mike, for years to come

You would always be my only one.

The life I seek would not suffice

If not spent by your side.


I love you mike, from this day on

Ours is a love meant to grow strong

I see tomorrow with my hands locked on yours

With this…. I ask for no more.


If these are not enough to say my oath

Of a love that will forever hold

I love you mike, Come what may

I’ll stay with you ’til my last day.