crochet scarf

My mother’s first scarf

Last month, i engaged my dear mother with some crocheting tasks, to make a scarf for my dear friend. My mom was my first crochet teacher, now its my turn to reteach her the things i learned from her. It was easy and fun and endearing. Sometimes my mom would go all the way from Bulacan to SM North just for us to meet and show me her current progress.

Finally, last sunday, my mother surprised me with the finished scarf. I like how she manage to make even stitches. I am so tempted not to give it to the recipient, but my mom is just too happy to do that for him, that i have to put up extra measures just to make sure that my friend gets the scarf before he leaves for China, the following day.

Oh well. he loved the yarns and would like to let my mom knows that he is grateful for the scarf that he sent me a picture of him wearing it. :) He’s keeping a low google profile, so let’s no longer name this guy.

My mother's first scarf

My mother’s first scarf

The scarf is made from three colors of wool yarn.

Btw, remember the first scarf i made? It’s still alive after all these years. He finally sent me a copy :) I m so happy that i saw my first scarf again.

My first scarf

My first scarf

Mini crochets for mini princesses

I made these crocheted beret and pig ears for my niece – Kalai

and the scarf is for the expecting mommy Peps, with a matching hat for her incoming princess:

Beret for Kalai

Beret for Kalai

This is a small version of the ribbed hexagonal beret (pattern available at the store) I just added a few more rows to allow insertion of an adjustable ribbon. Just in case this will not fit my niece’s head. 😀

Pig ears

Pig Ears for my chubby niece.

Matching scarf & hat  for queen peach and princess peach

Matching scarf & hat for queen peach and princess peach

I made peach a peach scarf 😀

hehe.. 😀

Scarves – did and have to do

Someone asked me for a scarf, and was specifically asked for this scarf to be made of wool. Yes wool. I will be having some wool supplies come November, just in time for the winter season.

I remember that i was able to make a scarf last year. Then, I promised myself i will never do another scarf again. It was tedious. But i was making it for a friend.

Here it was – I named it : LTIS (Longer Than I am Scarf)

I had to take a picture of this because I might never see it again. sigh…