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Yarn Hoarding – not good when you have just woken up

After my first yarn frenzy at https://facebook.com/onlineyarnstore, I told myself I would not do it again, but I am really curious about the other yarns. One time, while browsing her page, I saw a post that tells she would be posting new yars for sale!!!! And yes, I did wait for the yarns to come, until I was overcome by sleepiness. When I woke up, the novelty cottons and basic cotton I was expecting to get are already taken but these bulky acrylic still had loads of left overs.  Disappointment plus excitement lead me to a whopping P1,900 worth of Yarn Purchase.

I immediately concluded – YARN HOARDING. Not Good, when you have just woken up. The problems of facebook online buyers and the frenzy over getting the items first (without having the chance to browse first then decide later) leads to not able to afford what you bought, or more of you did not expect you have bought that much! With no shopping cart to indicate your shopping expense progress and no (remove this item) from your list because you respect their regulations of “touch move”, I ended up not knowing what I actually purchased, if I have hoarded too many of the same colors or if you are still within reasonable amount of spending.

Yummy Pinks!

Yummy Pinks!

Good thing two friends came to the rescue. Gina, who willingly bought part of my stash (I told her to get anything she likes so long as my bill will go down) and Ian, who is too willing to buy yarns for me as birthday gift (which was last year, mind you). Hence, I ended up not paying anything. The last part of my stash would be paid by the seller, herself as our agreement for the images I will be doing for her.

And though I immediately regretted my action during that morning, I am super duper happy for the yarns that have arrived on my doorstep today! Yippee!!! Thanks to my friend, Ian.. I promise to make a bonnet for him 😀 hehe.. but look at the colors I’ve gotten?! Would he like a fuschia bonnet? hehehe..

Will work for yarn

I am closing a deal with the owner of Yarn Source Manila as an image provider and would be designer of her multiply page, if (I managed to learn how to do it). Here’s my peg – will work for yarn.


I really do love that I finally found the yarns I’ve been wanting to buy in Baguio but can’t ever since I crocheted this:

Pyschedelic Shell

Psychedelic Shell using Baguio Cotton Yarns – Free Pattern Available Here!

The yellow and black yarn used here are soft cotton yarns which are actually cotton threads wound together to form a thicker strand:

Yellow soft cotton yarn from Yarn Source Manila

Yellow soft cotton yarn from Yarn Source Manila

It was a good opportunity that the owner launched a photo contest which I joined and she later contacted me to outsource some images she would use to promote/enhance her multiply and facebook page.

And I am quite happy drawing for her :) I love drawing and I love yarns :) Not a bad deal for me :)

Some sneak peak:

Hopefully the images would be accepted :)

Sneak Peak: New YSM Images

Sneak Peak: New YSM Images

Hooray for today – thank you Yarn Source Manila

I received the yarns from Yarn Source Manila. :) She was very happy with the image she requested, and I was more than willing to do it! 😀

Hooray for today!

Hooray for mornings and things that make them good
Hooray for beaming smiles that make my day
Hooray for stops and gos
Hooray for colors and quick hellos
Hooray for surprises that walk my way
Hooray for friends I’ll make, oh hey…hey!
Hooray for treats that make me smile,
Like magic stripes that fill the sky
Hooray for days that make me say,
Oh Hooray for today!

[Theme song McDonald’s commercial]

She is currently inspecting each yarn

My mom is currently inspecting each yarn

Mama likes the yarns

Then she decided, she likes the yarns

Louie is taking his pick from the yarns

Louie discovered the commotion and is taking his pick

Will he choose the black one?

Will he choose the black one?

My mom picks up a yarn for him

My mom picks up a yarn for him

Nope, he likes colorful yarns

Nope, he likes colorful yarns

Yarn Source “outsourced”!

This week, I got contacted by the owner of “Yarn Source Manila“, an online seller of yarns of different kinds. Remember that before 2012 ends, she launched a photo contest worth a bagful of yarns? Well I did not win, but I was informed that she really liked my photo entry. Anyway, so she contacted me to ask if she can use my photo as a “sold out” photo. She uses this to indicate that an album containing items being sold are already “sold out”. Hence, a bad news breaker for a buyer like me. But! This is the good news, she asked me to revise it in exchange for a bagful of yarns!!!!!!!!! OH WOW! I’ll do it right away!!! 😀 hehe.. so i edited my earlier entry and came up with something like this:

sold out logo for yarn source manila

sold out logo for yarn source manila

I got a reply from her telling me she really liked the image I made. This actually brightened my day (and the days ahead).

Yipee for Yarn Source Manila!

Btw, I did buy a few balls of yarns from the site and lo and behold! when I received my basic crochet cotton yarns (Just two big balls of same color)

White Cotton Yarn from Baguio being sold by Yarn Source Manila

White Cotton Yarn from Baguio being sold by Yarn Source Manila

I was really, really happy! This is the kind of yarn I have been looking and wanting. This is the same yarn I used for this crocheted blouse:

Coined from Rachel's Daisy Square

Coined from Rachel’s Daisy Square

Soft to touch and thin, just the way I like it.

It’s so lacy!

Handmade lace

Handmade lace

I just hope the next time the items i want to buy won’t be sold out. :) Happy crocheting everyone!

YarnSourceManila is giving away bagful of yarns for new year!

Whoa! I heard that our local yarn (online) store – YarnSourceManila, set up a contest on her facebook page.

Here is the details of the contest:

Now, let’s welcome 2013 with a photo contest! I will give a bagful of assorted yarns to the winner. just post your entry on the timeline or wall of this fanpage – facebook.com/onlineyarnstore. Remember – the theme is the NEW YEAR. Just make sure that YARN SOURCE MANILA will be placed somewhere in the photo. The winning photo will be used as a cover photo for this facebook fanpage.

Deadline of entries is January 1st, winner will be announced on January second :) Happy new year everyone!

Let us all join guys!

I actually joined the contest and I want to share my entry:

YarnSourceManila New Year Cover Photo Contest - Ginantsilyo's entry

YarnSourceManila New Year Cover Photo Contest – Ginantsilyo’s entry

I do hope I will win the contest. Hooray for Filipinos for sharing their love and passion!