crochet headband

Crocheted Swirls Headband

You know when inspiration suddenly kicks in and you just have to get up and quench that lingering thirst to create? It happened to me, a few nights ago. When I came up of a better way to create the swirls I have been wanting to create using padding cord and sc. I pulled out a thick and soft yarn from my stash and crocheted. This the only way I can sleep, when I have proven that what my mind is thinking would be right.

Here is the finished hair accessory, the metal floral accent complements well with the soft pink thread.

Hot Pink crocheted Swirls with metal floral accent

Hot Pink crocheted Swirls with metal floral accent

And here is the concept behind the stitch. I have observed this when doing Irish Crochet motifs. When you crochet over padding cord and you have to push the thread tightly together to establish a round curve on the next layer. So with this I was able to create a twisting swirl by crocheting multiple sc’s over the padding cord, pushing the stitches tightly together so that it will coil by itself, crochet more until the coil would form tightly enough it can stand on its own. Do this on both ends of a short padding cord and stitch the two ends together by tying a knot.

Ginantsilyo - Hair Accessories

Ginantsilyo – Hair Accessories

The attempt was successful enough to create my next design of hair accessory. This took just half a day to finish and I sew it on the headband (wounded with woolen black yarn) so that it would be affixed permanently and then I applied white glue on the back, just enough to provide a subtle stiffness to the swirls.

The hair accessory was very simple yet there is something to the swirls that wants me to not let go of the project. But an order is an order, so I must comply. I did not feel any regret now, as the client was very happy with what I was able to deliver.

Happy Client with Ginantsilyo Hair Accessories

Happy Client with Ginantsilyo Hair Accessories

Thank you jen, for buying Ginantsilyo. I am not really sure if you like everything I created because they are too preppy and feminine :) But I am so glad that you did!

Inspirations and Irish Lace

Irish lace technique provides numerous opportunities to create fantastic projects.

All you need is a little knowledge on various motifs (searchable on the net) and a dose of inspiration (which for me) comes in the form of vibrant colors and soft textures:

Colors and Textures


Violet Yarns from Yarn Source Manila

Violet Yarns from Yarn Source Manila

One time, i went upstairs to grab a spool or two and noticed my violet shades – can’t decide which I like better so I grab two.

And come weekend, I crochet, nothing in particular to create. I used the lighter shade of violet. I started with a swirl, added a flower and leaves then finally…

Handmade Lace

Handmade Lace

I was already creating an accent, which is fortunate because I have an order for a hairpiece. This effort strikes two goals – pouring out creativity and earning a profit.

I do not know what the stitch counts of my motifs. I just crochet them as I go. The leaves are the popular iris leaf and the flower is just chain in rounds with alternating sc – 5ch ch with multiple sc’s to form the petal… You do not have to mind how many petals you can create, just pour out, your inner creativity… The swirls – i love making them, the folds differ each time i create a new one… depending on where i decide to put more “sc” on a ch.

But what get me inspired to make it was the vibrant color of the yarn. It was nothing special, just acrylic but the color is yummy purple, like the color of the ube jam from Baguio. Mike even said that I have a yummy shade on top of my head.

Handmade Lace Hair Accent

Handmade Lace Hair Accent

I showed this to my friend and it got sold immediately. I am 50% happy and 50% unhappy. I want her to like it and I want her to not like it too πŸ˜€ because I want the headband by myself. But now, come to think of it, I am happier that she liked it and really liked it. :) This way I get to know that what I do gets appreciated and I earn a little bit too, to fund my next yarn purchase.

And then! Speaking of yarn purchase, Another came yesterday and oh my! I immediately love two yarns among the lot!

Blue and Pink Jeans Cotton Yarn

Blue and Pink Jeans Cotton Yarn

These two cotton yarns are like jeans. I think they are the strands of thread that makes up jeans fabric. Literally. The shade of pink is so soft and cute and the blue, I just know I have to make a band! and since I no longer wear any accessory I asked another friend if I could make one for her, and she happily obliged!You see, she likes to call them armcandies and has a blog about all the fashionable stuffs see here –>

So with her in mind, i keep thinking of something bold but still pretty simple accessory. The jeans should be the backdrop. I added some leather braids and created some puffy flowers and before I knew it, my hand is covered with eeky super glue. Good thing I have some left over “jewelry findings” i never threw out, so I can make the clasps.. I realize, i miss creating accessories. I had fun during college when I do earrings and (name it- accessories) to fund my physics conference trips and my next week lunch πŸ˜€

Lady Blue Jeans Wrist Wrap

Lady Blue Jeans Wrist Wrap

And yes, I am also putting this up for sale for made to order basis, just so I have something that is for sale πŸ˜€ hehehe..

Ahh.. now, I have to end this blog because of work.


Three Way Crocheted Bandeau – Free Pattern

As promised, I have finally written the pattern for my Three-way crocheted bandeau (Though it’s three way, I mostly use this as headband :D)

You can use this as (1) neck scarf (2) Headband (3) belt

Notes on the yarn used:

I used a woolen yarn (90% lambswool) that felts (I did not felt it but it felts overtime when you laundry it)Β So the resulting texture is very soft.

I am destashing some yarns here:

You can use any kind of yarn you want :) But the texture and output would really be different.

Chillin' with my sister and friend on a hot afternoon

Chillin’ with my sister and friend on a hot afternoon

You can download the pdf pattern here:

Just in case the crochet chart is not clear, download original here:

Three way crocheted bandeau - crochet chart for sides

Three way crocheted bandeau – crochet chart for sides

Please send a comment here for feedback. If you manage to finish a project, do share it on my facebook wall:

Three Way Crocheted Bandeau

Three Way Crocheted Bandeau

Happy crocheting!

Wear it proudly

When you have worked so hard for a project, the only possible ending you want to be is to wear it, and wear it proudly.

That is what I did last Sunday, February 10, 2013, during my friends’ wedding in Kawit Cavite. The wedding was magical, like almost all weddings, though theirs was akin to a romatic comedy movie, with lots of punchlines and funny stints, that made the whole event light and fun.

Glai, You did it!

This is my friend, Glai, who finally tied the knot after nine years of being in a relationship with Eio.

The maids of honor and the matron :)

This is me and my friends. They are all maids of honor of Β Glai, with the exception of me who is already married. I was wearing the golden dress I was raving for how many months since last year.

Golden dress

I finally succeeded in making the dress flowing and ruffled at the hemline, though the dress is a bit short (due to lack of patience)


I have sewn a chiffon of the same color as lining for the dress, so i can wear it more comfortably during the occassion.

Me and my family posing at the church's entrance

Me and my family posing at the church’s entrance

I also wore a handmade lace headband:

Handmade lace Headband

I love my overall look and the fact that I was able to wear it in a memorable event.

This is me – wearing my creation: Happy and Proud :)

Lorelie in Golden Crocheted Dress

Lorelie in Golden Crocheted Dress

Mini crochets for mini princesses

I made these crocheted beret and pig ears for my niece – Kalai

and the scarf is for the expecting mommy Peps, with a matching hat for her incoming princess:

Beret for Kalai

Beret for Kalai

This is a small version of the ribbed hexagonal beret (pattern available at the store) I just added a few more rows to allow insertion of an adjustable ribbon. Just in case this will not fit my niece’s head. πŸ˜€

Pig ears

Pig Ears for my chubby niece.

Matching scarf & hat  for queen peach and princess peach

Matching scarf & hat for queen peach and princess peach

I made peach a peach scarf πŸ˜€

hehe.. πŸ˜€

Things to do with a crocheted chain: Improvised Headband

Improvised Headband

Improvised Headband

Materials needed:

Variegated Pink Wool and Pink Cotton Yarn

Variegated Pink Wool and Pink Cotton Yarn

Materials for the headband

Materials for the headband

  • YARNS (of course!) – I used a variegated pink wool (bulky) and soft cotton
  • Plain black headband
  • A hook (4.5 mm)
  • Adhesive tape (Double sided) – Glue STick is much better, mind you.
  • some leaves to accentuate
  • button for the flower applique
  • needle

Using the variegated wool yarn crochet chain to cover the entire length of the head band.

Cover the headband with the crocheted chain. Put it in place using an adhesive tape. It is much better to glue it with a glue stick, but my glue gun’s at home back in the province so i have to improvise.

Create a 5 Flower applique using the solid pink cotton yarn.

– Chain 3 slip stitch to form a ring. *Chain 4, slip stitch into the ring * (Repeat 4 more times)

Attach a yellow button to the flower.

Attach five leaves at one side of the headband.

Attach the flower applique by sewing it into the headband.

:) Now you have an improvised headband. Pretty easy right?

Momoink loves it so much that she tries it on:

Momoink loves the headband

Momoink loves the headband