Single Crochet-sc poem

I think that I shall never see
A stitch as lovely as sc

A stitch which forms a lovely mesh
Against crochet chain’s simple lace.

A stitch that looks so firm yet light
In a fabric crocheted from left to right

A stitch that may in summer wear
Become crocheted bandeau in one’s hair

Upon whose hands I shall crochet
The intricate woven filigree

Crocheted stitches make fools like me
But only sc makes a full amigurumi

-Lorelie Dazo (January 18, 2013)

Amigurumi Bunny

Amigurumi Bunny

*SC -> Single Crochet


Amigurumi – crocheted stuff toys

When you make amigurumi the stitches are all single crochet



I have confirmed! I used SC 😀