Big and Fat and Silver Crocheted Earrings

Background: I decided I am going to sell so that I can earn the money I need to purchase new yarns. This way, I can buy what I want without harming our budget.

Big and Fat and Silver – retails at P200 per pair

They are crocheted using a 100% Metallic Polyester yarn from Ice Yarns. I used kidney earring wires so that it will have a lock, hence it will lessen the probability that you will lose the crocheted earring :)

crocheted leaves

crocheted leaves – inspired from Irish Crochet’s Fern leaves

crocheted owl

crocheted owl – original design by

Long, Tear Drop Earrings

Long, Tear Drop Earrings – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Peacock

Crocheted Peacock – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Pouty Fish

Crocheted Pouty Fish – Original Design & Concept by

Crocheted Wheel Rollovers

Crocheted Wheel Rollovers – inspired from Irish Crocheted Flowers

meow - crocheted cat

meow – crocheted cat – original design and concept by

various flowers

various flowers – inspired by 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet, angel is original design and concept

I am so happy with the earrings that I want them to be boxed on special boxes, so I have to take out my cricut machine to create fabulous boxes:

elegantly boxed up!

elegantly boxed up!

I am also happy to say that I was able to sell everything. It is also nice that the buyer appreciates my craft :) Thank you Ms. Meikah! And I hope your recipients would be very happy to receive handcrafted gifts from Ginantsilyo!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!

Happy Customer! Happy Seller!