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Love for yarns!

Love for yarns!

Few years back, I have known a lot of people through my craft that had graciously encouraged me to continue crocheting by sending me yarns even they are from overseas. Almost all my friends who have been outside the country would come home or would send a parcel for me with yarns of different colors and fiber content. Even though yarn stores were really out of their way, they were willing to be lost just so they could buy me a ball or two. And even some of my friends here in the Philippines, would go to Baguio for my sake.

I also met some few through my blog that unhesitatingly befriended me and sent me yarns as token of friendship though I have never met them in person.

These are the reasons why I, myself, am not hesitant to send a lot of yarns too, so that the feeling of excitement and gratitude would proliferate and would cause a continuous chain reaction, that they too would find in their hearts that it is really heartwarming to reach out and share.

With this, I would like to thank Gina, Cherry and Girlie, for giving me an opportunity to share what I have experienced and extend my gratitude to those people who have shown me kindness in the same way. May the yarns I have sent on your doorsteps have made your Christmas, a little bit happier than it already is.

To all of you, Merry Christmas!!!!