Two deliveries in one day

I got two visits from LBC and Postal Office, one for the knitting book I bought at and the other is for the yarns I bought from Turkey.

The book will be given as a gift to my nanay, because she wants to learn how to knit.

This is such a happy day because I am not expecting the yarns to come any sooner. :) But since my kiddo is the only dude in the house, he gets to inspect if the goodies his mommy received are the right ones

kiddo inspecting my goodies

kiddo inspecting my goodies. he is actually holding the receipt on the other hand.

You would actually think he is inspecting the yarns the way he holds the receipt and look into the yarns and look into the receipt again.

mmm what is next on the list

mmm what is next on the list

Mmm… I think my kiddo is checking if I got everything right.

Hehehe.. as if he is not satisfied, he even opened a set of yarn

just to be sure, he is opening one

just to be sure, he is opening one

And after the inspection I get to really touch and drool! Yei! I got my yarns. Louie is laughing with me as I jump and jump 😀 haha.. Today is a happy day, indeed.