It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Blame it to the microblogging websites and social networks that gives me immediate gratification for posting. I have been actively updating my [#ginantsilyo, @ginantsilyo] Instagram, that I have left out this blog to (rot).

So just to make it updated, I would summarize what I have been up to.

First, I had a baby. She’s almost one now. Another excuse why blogging strides down my priority list. If you are looking at my facebook page (http://facebook.com/ginantsilyo), you will see her as my page’s profile pic.

I have tried making her a crocheted dress. The only one so far.

I have been gardening.

A lot.

This is the only recreational activity that I can take the time to do. Because it does not require hours of my time.


This year, I am planning to straighten things out and actually achieve a GOAL.

I want to write a crochet book, and for that, I have been trying to create original combination stitches.

‘Tis hard but I have to do what I have to do to be able to achieve one of my life’s dreams.

Since December of 2014, I have been concocting a number of stitches for my crochet projects.

I was able to come up with more than ten stitches as we speak. :) That is already making me happy.

I will try to journal my journey towards achieving this goal :)


And you know, I have been admiring the author of http://outstandingcrochet.blogspot.com for the longest time. :) I love all the things she features in her blog :) Sometimes i do wish that one of my works would get featured there 😀 You know, when you just stare longingly at those beautiful creations and you were like, how could they crochet so neatly and lovely.


those sort of things :)


Anyway, Happy New Year and let us all hope for a wonderful year ahead!