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Introducing: Lacy Cable Stitch

This is a stitch combination I recently conjured. I am not sure if anyone has produced the same pattern, if they have, please notify me so I could reference them properly. The pattern focuses on achieving cable stitch using crochet on a lacy mesh of fabric. The fundamental skills you must know before trying this […]

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Inspirations and Irish Lace

Irish lace technique provides numerous opportunities to create fantastic projects. All you need is a little knowledge on various motifs (searchable on the net) and a dose of inspiration (which for me) comes in the form of vibrant colors and soft textures: “YARNS”. One time, i went upstairs to grab a spool or two and […]

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Dresses and Crochet

I have attempted to crochet dress from the past, none actually reached the conclusion stage: This woolen navy blue dress for example, I never finished this one because I can never wear it. Look how ambitious the design was. (1) Tube (2) Backless (3) Fitting I was more into the design aspect of the dress, […]

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Filipino and Proud – Crochetology’s Casque Hat

Recently, my friend Fatima, (owner of has revived her pattern of a hat she coined as “Casque” – a foreign word that I have to look up to know the meaning [Casque is a French word for helmet. – says wikipedia], though the word has foreign origins I see it as a salakot – […]

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Three Way Crocheted Bandeau – Free Pattern

As promised, I have finally written the pattern for my Three-way crocheted bandeau (Though it’s three way, I mostly use this as headband :D) You can use this as (1) neck scarf (2) Headband (3) belt Notes on the yarn used: I used a woolen yarn (90% lambswool) that felts (I did not felt it […]

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Daffodils skirt, pattern for sale

I have finally written down the pattern for my blue skirt: The skirt is for sale here in, for 1,200Php for small to medium size. But you can create your own for only Php50! To buy the pattern, please click the buy now button: You will be redirected to paypal. The pattern is for […]

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Daffodils and Lace Skirt

I was writing the pattern for my blue skirt when I remember one of my favorite poems by William Wordsworth: Daffodils. And as i draw the pattern of the skirt, i see the hills of daffodils… I feel like writing… Daffodils and lace skirt. [short poem by Lorelie Dazo] I wander, lonely as I am… […]

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From one ball of thread

I have this superfine thread from The yardage is 50g worth of 600m thread, which is quite long compared to my usual ball of yarns. And I am excitedly using it for “currently unknown” project. While crocheting with the yarn, my poetic mind keeps using the words ” from one ball of thread ” […]

Crocheted Naruto Mug Chibi Coaster

Crocheted Naruto Mug Coaster

I always love Naruto, and I love drinking coffee. Don’t you think they go well together? I have been spending sometime last week looking at this picture: Trying to comprehend how can i turn my stitches so that it will form Naruto’s lively face. Initially I started by rows. That did not work out. The […]

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i think of the time, when things were old… were the only things we could do… was to chat at things we thought we’d never knew.. you used to be the one i long to be with… some sort of a friend i always need… just a smile, or a pat on the back… and […]