Filipino and Proud – Crochetology’s Casque Hat

Recently, my friend Fatima, (owner of has revived her pattern of a hat she coined as “Casque” – a foreign word that I have to look up to know the meaning [Casque is a French word for helmet. – says wikipedia], though the word has foreign origins I see it as a salakot – a native hat usually worn by “Filipinos – a.k.a. Juan Dela Cruz” depicted on literature and arts (If not your literature and arts, atleast mine).

The hat is very structural that you can actually identify each part. This makes it a wonderful piece of art rather than of everyday clothing. Specially because on how the designer made it, with red and yellow on the rim as if a native woven cloth (from Ilocos!) is tucked inside the hat, and varying browns as if it’s the typical coloring of wood.

Casque Hat - that looks like a salakot for me

Casque Hat – that looks like a salakot for me

As I look more into the details of the design, I could do nothing but be amazed and awed at how she managed to mimic the texture of a typical sombrero -specially the tip of the hat.

A picture of a salakot From

A picture of a salakot From

Fortunately for me, being acquainted with the designer, I get to have a copy of the pattern she hand-drawn. I have some abaca yarns with me and I am hoping I can sit down and recreate the hat. Though in some altered fashion perhaps so we retain uniqueness and probably promote our creativity, that is.

I have been crocheting for the longest time, but I have never made something so Filipino. :)


For anyone interested, the pattern is available for sale at her website, or follow her on facebook so you can get free patterns :)


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