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Of Love and Valentine’s

Today is Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate more love than we usually do, let me share a poem I have written years ago for my then boyfriend, now husband. I wrote this even before we got engaged without realizing that this would be an oath of a love that will forever hold true. Actually, every […]

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When there is more love to give…

  Yes, sometimes you just feel like there is more love to give. Here, love means yarns. When you know deep within you that the yarn you are holding for the longest time would feel more used and more loved with other people, you just have to share them, lest, you end up with more […]


Wear it proudly

When you have worked so hard for a project, the only possible ending you want to be is to wear it, and wear it proudly. That is what I did last Sunday, February 10, 2013, during my friends’ wedding in Kawit Cavite. The wedding was magical, like almost all weddings, though theirs was akin to […]

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Visualizing my craft room

I have yet to clean up my room. It has gotten really, really messy. I have been trying to visualize the craft room I will ask my husband to create for our new house, hence it has been my struggle to come up with a design I want. With this, I have to clean up […]

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Mix & Match – Ginantsilyo

Though the air is still chilly specially in the morning, most of us look forward to summer vacation. Ginantsilyo offers a stylish mix to match the summer heat! So, what’s on the shelf? The crocheted skirt is up as a “made to order” item. Small – medium size costs 1,200Php. Add Php200 per size increase. […]

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Calla Lily – Crocheted Earrings

I love the book 100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield. My only problem with this is almost all the lovely flowers I would love to crochet is given as “knit instructions”. But fortunately, I have taken the instructions given in the book as guide to hacking my crochet instructions of the calla […]

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Yarn Hoarding – not good when you have just woken up

After my first yarn frenzy at, I told myself I would not do it again, but I am really curious about the other yarns. One time, while browsing her page, I saw a post that tells she would be posting new yars for sale!!!! And yes, I did wait for the yarns to come, […]

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Will work for yarn

I am closing a deal with the owner of Yarn Source Manila as an image provider and would be designer of her multiply page, if (I managed to learn how to do it). Here’s my peg – will work for yarn. Hehehe.. I really do love that I finally found the yarns I’ve been wanting […]

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Incoming – Ginantsilyo on sale

I have four projects (for sale) I am currently working on, two bags and two clothes. Since I am really a dressmaker by heart, I really prefer working on clothes even though the bags are almost done. So here they are:   The two projects are a blouse and a skirt.  This is my courageous […]

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Single Crochet-sc poem

I think that I shall never see A stitch as lovely as sc A stitch which forms a lovely mesh Against crochet chain’s simple lace. A stitch that looks so firm yet light In a fabric crocheted from left to right A stitch that may in summer wear Become crocheted bandeau in one’s hair Upon […]