Things to do with a crocheted chain – Voodoo Doll Head

Materials for Voo Doo Doll (ring not included)

Materials for Voo Doo Doll (ring not included)

I’ve been squeezing my head for ideas on what you could do with crochet chains. Something easy and creative. And while I’m riding the MRT on my way home my mind drifted again. As it always does when i have nothing to do. I remember my favorite project – the witch doll which i learned during my elementary days. However the witch doll is a yarn craft not necesarilly something you crochet. Probably you could crochet the witch doll’s garment, but it’s not still the thing i have in my mind. As i discarded that idea, I remember my friend’s keychain a pink voodoo doll. Then it hit me.

You could actually create the voodoo doll’s head using crochet chains. You just have to wrap it around a ball, a wooden round bead or something. So here it is, the second series to the Things to do with a crocheted chain.

Materials Needed:

  • Yarn (of course) I prefer acrylic yarn, coz of their fibrous finish.
  • Hook (size depends on thickness of yarn)
  • A wooden round bead.
  • Scissors
  • Bostix Sew no more Glue
  • Wires with round/loop end
  • cardboard



Applying glue to put the yarn in place and adding stitches as necessary

Applying glue to put the yarn in place and adding stitches as necessary

Attach the wire in the covered ball

Attach the wire in the covered ball

attach the wire2

1. Make a crochet chain as long as necessary.

2. Using the glue, attach the crocheted chain to the bead then carefully wrap the bead with the crocheted yarn while applying glue subtly.

3.When you have a good roun ball (covered with crocheted yarn) Attach a wire into the ball. Find the place where there is a ‘hole’ in the bead and insert the wire in that place.

Then gently fold the other end of the wire as shown in the figure to the right.

4. Next is attach another wire to the other side. This is where we will attach the body of the doll.



Cut Cardboard. Size is relative to the head. make sure that the carboard will look small compared to the head

Wind yarn in the cardboard
remove the yarn from the cardboardtie around the bodyarms and legs

head and body

1. The body of the doll is just made of yarn. Cut a piece of cardboard and make sure that the cut cardboard will look smaller than the head. 😀 voodoo doll’s body are usually a lot smaller than the head.

2. Wind yarn in the cardboard as thick as you want the doll’s body to be.

3. Tie the other side of the wounded yarn with a string. Then remove the cardboard while keeping hold of the free end.

4. About an inch from the tied end, tie another string around the yarn, to divide it into two parts. The longer part shall be the the legs and body and the upper part will be the arms.

5. Untie the upper part of the yarn. then seperate the body into arms and legs.

6. Wind another yarn around arms and legs. Put glue to keep yarns in place.

7. Attach the head into the body by pushing the wire inside the body and keep it in place. Cover the wire by winding more yarn around the body.

Your doll should now look like this:

voodoo dollCreating the Eyes

Using a different colored yarn, create a knot two times. Then glue the knot into the face. Make two for the eyes.

You now have voodoo dolls 😀

voodoo dolls