Mixed Media : Beads, Yarn, Buttons and Fabric

This crocheted blouse is a mixture of textures – soft, hard and rough.

This project is somehow memorable since this is the first time I heard about pineapple stitch. That’s why i named it  PiÑa Collada.

I played with the idea of including fabric into crocheted and it turned out good. I made it for my bestfriend.

PiÑa Collada

PiÑa Collada

I used a native fabric from Ilocos. The fabric is actually handwoven.

And to make it more casual, i crocheted a bolero to go with it:

PÑa Collada with bolero

PiÑa Collada with bolero

If you want to order a blouse of the same kind, kindly leave a comment below