Going to the beach, requirement: CROCHETED TOP!

The project was for: A crochet enthusiast always find a reason to crochet, and that was exactly what I was thinking when I made this crocheted top, october of last year, a week before our planned family get away for Boracay.

The project was made by: More often than not, I find myself as the recipient of my own creations. This is because, before I start with something, I must dedicate that something to someone, or else I would sway on my goal and probably not finish the project at all. Since we had plans for a family vacation, I thought then, I just had to do something for myself.

The crocheted top:

This is my favorite crocheted outfit so far.

Ginantsilyo - White Crocheted Top

Ginantsilyo – White Crocheted Top


About the pattern

start using a circular motif. Since i like dc’s and trebles, i sticked with that motif.

The outfit was inspired by another crocheted garment of a friend. Though I was not able to actually copy everything since I was only looking from a small picture of her in my wall, I got the idea of circular motifs out of her top :) Thank you for that!