Stop right now.

Current progress

Current progress

Stop right, now.

I can’t. I keep telling myself to stop, your hands are hurting. Stop, you need to sleep. Stop. procrastinate. delay.

I cannot.

I am a little bit excited [I guess more than just a little] on how my ‘dress project’ would come out. Though I am not really sure of how each part would progress. Every time I cut my yarn to proceed to the next step, I hesitate but I cannot just stop. I am not even thinking, I am not even counting. My hands are moving on their own. I am hooked.

Today, I am able to progress a bit. The right side already has ‘sleeves’ with dainty picots to adorn the armhole. The picots were unplanned too, as well as the horizontal strip of lace I crocheted as back part and base of the sleeves.

(I originally intended it for a ribbon (perhaps?) or the band below the bust line, then it ended as the back part).

This is what I call, crocheting as I go. No concrete design, just a goal, a quick learning curve, and eagerness to please myself.

And delightfully, today, I already have chiffon to line the dress. The color is in nude, to match the cream wool blended yarn I am using. I have three yards of this, to allow room for mistakes, since I am not a hustler in cutting fabric, and from experience, I have messed up too many times.

Imagining the dress to have a skirt

Imagining the dress to have a skirt

Now, I am imagining how my project will look like if I am able to finish the skirt. Doesn’t it look nice?

On the same note, I just recently rediscovered an old video of me and my friends singing the song: Stop, by Spice Girls – here’s the link: