Yarn – dread

Yarn dread – when a yarn might not be enough.

Yarn Dread

Dreading the end of yarn

This is my problem with my current stash. Most of the yarns I want to crochet are only available in one full skein or two and I usually make wearable crochet. Whenever I pick up one big skein of yarn, I always wonder if it would be enough for a garment or not? Then sometimes, I just shrug it off and continue crocheting until I come to a point that I can no longer deny that the yarn will not be enough,

Improvisation is usually the solution to this. Sometimes what you do to improvise, actually works, sometimes it does not. As for me, since I usually crochet just to destress, thinking about what will work would defeat the purpose of crocheting at all. So I crochet and crochet. :)

Current Status of Violet Blouse

Current Status of Violet Blouse

I attached a very soft cotton yarn on the top part of the blouse. The white yarn is very very soft and I almost have forgotten about this yarn I liked so long ago but only comes in two small skeins. Now I am thinking this might look good on this project. I am not yet so convinced but I will proceed with finishing this top. The violet monochromatic wool blend yarn complements with the soft texture of the white part, so I think I am heading the right direction.

On the other hand, I am thankful that I have 8 skeins of this yarn:

Ply Luxury Khaki Grey

Ply Luxury Khaki Grey from www.yarn-paradise.com

Specially if I am planning to make one full garment. The top part of the dress is done in one full skein while one  sleeve of this length  consumed half a skein. Hopefully I can still crochet amidst tons of coding I have yet to do. Aja!

Dress#2 progress

Dress#2 progress