Ginantsilyo – a brand in the making

I have long wanted to create my own brand. A brand that offers unique and elegant designs as well as delicate and high-quality craftmanship.

Before I opened my facebook page at, my plan was to start with a line of bags I personally designed but the plan was sidetracked with so many things that pushed me to just have the site up.

Now that my first bag has found a client, I am very keen to reawaken my dream. I started searching for customized labels but deemed them too much for my need then I rediscovered my clay-molding skills.

The first reverse-mold was a bit ragged. It’s not easy molding the letters, the clay breaks when folded and does not really follow the form i want it to do. But I gave it a try and created my first mold and cast as well

I liked how the label in my bag looks. The endeavor looks promising enough that I took the courage to create another much better push mold, creating the first one gave me enough experience on how the letters should fold and curve. This is my second push mold:

Now this looked smoother and more polished. No more jagged sides and broken fonts. :) I cured another mold for it and created my first cast:

This looks more promising than the first one. So I baked my first cast. My only worry is that since the whole thing seemed like it was glued on a base layer. I noticed that most of my bags has an “engraved” label. That would mean I have to make a stamp instead of a mold. But creating a reversed “image” of my logo seemed not easy, until I gave in and tried to make one:

And yes! I loved the way I was able to render this last image. Because the spacing of the fonts are right and I was able to bend and mold the letters without showing the breaks in between.

I had to mix in colors because I do not have the right shade that is needed. I mixed in gold powder so that the clay would have shimmer.. I tried my first stamp :) Eeek!!! I can repeat the designs!!!

And finally! My final output! :) I had to put the holes so I can sew the label into the bag.

I took my unfinished bag out and placed the label to see the effect :) I loved it :) I think all the effort I put through was worth it. Triple worth it :)