crocheted shorts

Crocheted Shorts – All Lacy and White

Today, I have finished crocheting the made-to-order shorts by one of my friends who is currently working in Laos. She wants a crocheted shorts she can use as an alternative swimwear coverup.

At first I was reluctant to recreate my first crocheted shorts, as it was not an original design.

Crocheted Shorts

Crocheted Shorts

But my friend’s requirement was just it has to be white like that.

I finally am able to create my own design of a crocheted shorts after going over my previous crocheted shorts (I had already three, none were original designs). Here I present how the concept of the shorts is actually made out.

First, you have to think of three different patterns:

[1] The Upper Mesh that usually consists of just dc – ch repeats

[2] The middle part which will composed of motifs

[3] The lace edging that will form the partition between the legs

On my first attempt to design a pair of shorts, I picked up a snowflake design motif (hexagonal)

This is my first use of a hexagonal motif, hence I am not really sure where should I join the edges:

Snowflake motif

Snowflake motif

My first attempt is to join the motifs on three points, I later found out that it’s better if i connect them on five points so that the holes are smaller and minimal. Also the stretching factor would be lesser.

The trick to actually be able to gauge the size is to get one of your shorts and laid the motifs flat. So you would know how much the sewn motifs will have to accommodate stretch and where you have to add the edges.

Snowflake motif

Snowflake motif

Next is to crochet a dc-ch mesh on top of the motifs to secure them together and maintain the shape. Take note that the mesh should have more rows on the back than the front, to accommodate the fullness of the buttocks.

The fun part here is i added a strip of “flower” open-lace-work to giveway to the very plain dc-ch mesh.

Summer Crocheted Shorts

Summer Crocheted Shorts

And now I have chosen an open-work-pattern for the lace edging that looks as if the points of the snowflakes bends and meet and make little droppings of icicles down the edges.

What do you think?

Summer Crocheted Shorts - Funky and Sexy

Summer Crocheted Shorts – Funky and Sexy

The shorts is available in Made-to-Order Basis starting at Php1,200 for size small. If you are of different size, add Php200 per size increase. So if you are size medium, the shorts will cost Php1,400. I used a laceweight cotton yarn and size 1/0 hook :)