crocheted skirt

A gift of ginantsilyo

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Gina, presented me her latest project. A crocheted woolen skirt of deep purple and black. She had intend to sell the skirt and asked me for marketing help. But when I saw the skirt, I immediately wanted it. Not for me, but for my sister, who has been asking me for something crocheted.

Ginantsilyo ni Gina

The skirt has relatively simple stitches but the execution was clean and pretty. I am not really good at making decent even stitches but I always try and I know that it is very difficult to do. I have to make repeats of rows just to maintain the evenness and this is what she was able to procure.

Read more about the dress at her blog entry, here.

To make the story short, I purchased the skirt from her after some negotiations about the size and the (ahem) price. I received the skirt a week after in a wonderful packaging:

Beautiful packaging

Beautiful packaging


The gift finally reached my sister who was very happy receiving and even wowed at the box, which I added some crocheted flowers on top as accent:

My sister finally receiving her gift of ginantsilyo

My sister finally receiving her gift of ginantsilyo

And the best thing about this is I was able to market the skirt to another client. :) Gina will be busy crocheting in the coming months :)

Fancy giving your love ones, a gift of ginantsilyo?

Introducing Gina’s first Ginantsilyo. Available for sale. Fitted Skirt – Acrylic – wool blend
Php 1,200 for size small – medium [waist 24- 27].

Add Php 200 for every size increase
(Large: Php 1,400 waist is 27-32)
(XLarge: Php 1,600 waist is 32-36)
(XXLarge: Php 1,800 waist is 36-40)