crochet butterfly

Butterfly in Venetian Crochet

Butterfly in Venetian Crochet
Butterfly in Venetian Crochet


I got this pattern from A. W. B. Crochet Book, I downloaded from Antique Pattern Library. The book is not easy to read. It requires basic knowledge of crochet sticthes and uses a lot of abbreviations. It took a while before I was able to comprehend one crochet instruction, and this is it.

I am specially attracted to butterfly motifs, pendants or appliques that’s why i chose to follow this particular pattern. The crochet instructions that follow is a direct excerpt from the book:

The applique is made from separate parts sewed together, something much akin to irish crochet. Of course since the book is an irish crochet book. :)



Ch 8, miss 1, d into each of the next 6 st, 3 d into end st or topl work d along other side of ch and 3 d at other end also. Work all the way round again with d, working 3 d into the end st, and when you reach the top again, ch 9, fasten into the last d, forming a ring for the head. Over the ring, work 5d; * ch 20, fasten back into 10th st, sl st back to head; * 1 d over ring, repeat from * to *; 5 d over ring, 1 d into same top st on body; work d down to lower end. Ch 11 for second section of body, work d all around three times and a half, always working 3 d into each end, and fasten off at top of section, under upper section.


for the upper wings, work the picot braid the length needed. For the half og th eupper wings and for the lower wings, work pieces of plain braid. (For directions see post about braid)

To form the points in the lower wings, work 1d, 1 ch and 1d into the same st, and in the last row, work 1d picot and 1d into each point; between the points, miss 1 spaces and 2 or 3 st in the longer spaces, to obtain the in-curve.


14d over a ring of 8ch, and 18d over a ring of 10ch. Make four of the larger rings and two of the smaller.

After all the separate pieces are made, baste them face down on the pattern as shown. Sew securely together and put in a filling of twisted bars and Bruges knot.