Introducing: Lacy Cable Stitch

This is a stitch combination I recently conjured. I am not sure if anyone has produced the same pattern, if they have, please notify me so I could reference them properly.

The pattern focuses on achieving cable stitch using crochet on a lacy mesh of fabric. The fundamental skills you must know before trying this pattern is how to fpdc and bpdc. [Front Post DC and Back Post DC]. There are a lot of resources available online to learn how to do these stitches and let me point you to some:

Cable stitch is more popular in knitted garments. It has a number of variation, but we will create something similar to the close bud knitting cable stitch described in this website:

Closed Bud Cable Knitting Stitch

Closed Bud Cable Knitting Stitch

But ours would take a different twist, that we will make the cable on top of a lacy mesh fabric:

lacy cable stitch

lacy cable stitch

The cable consists of six front post dc stitches twisting and turning, with additional 3bpdc on the middle to create an illusion of depth. The base is alternating 3fpdc and 3 bpdc to form the ribbing. The mesh is alternating 5ch sc.

If you will crochet this, note that this is not a reversible mesh. Meaning the wrong and right side creates different textures. Please note the wrong side and right side of your fabric. (right click image to view the full size of the chart)



Stitch Diagram shows a sample of 39ch as foundation stitch. Your odd rows are the wrong side of the fabric and the even rows are the right side of the fabric

When on the right side, FPDC creates the ribbing and BPDC creates the depth, and vice versa when on the back side (BPDC = rib, FPDC = depth). The crossing of the ribs will create the cabled stitch.

To continue from the stitch diagram, rows 10 and above will repeat stitches from row 6

Lacy Cable Stitch

Lacy Cable Stitch

Inspirations and Irish Lace

Irish lace technique provides numerous opportunities to create fantastic projects.

All you need is a little knowledge on various motifs (searchable on the net) and a dose of inspiration (which for me) comes in the form of vibrant colors and soft textures:

Colors and Textures


Violet Yarns from Yarn Source Manila

Violet Yarns from Yarn Source Manila

One time, i went upstairs to grab a spool or two and noticed my violet shades – can’t decide which I like better so I grab two.

And come weekend, I crochet, nothing in particular to create. I used the lighter shade of violet. I started with a swirl, added a flower and leaves then finally…

Handmade Lace

Handmade Lace

I was already creating an accent, which is fortunate because I have an order for a hairpiece. This effort strikes two goals – pouring out creativity and earning a profit.

I do not know what the stitch counts of my motifs. I just crochet them as I go. The leaves are the popular iris leaf and the flower is just chain in rounds with alternating sc – 5ch ch with multiple sc’s to form the petal… You do not have to mind how many petals you can create, just pour out, your inner creativity… The swirls – i love making them, the folds differ each time i create a new one… depending on where i decide to put more “sc” on a ch.

But what get me inspired to make it was the vibrant color of the yarn. It was nothing special, just acrylic but the color is yummy purple, like the color of the ube jam from Baguio. Mike even said that I have a yummy shade on top of my head.

Handmade Lace Hair Accent

Handmade Lace Hair Accent

I showed this to my friend and it got sold immediately. I am 50% happy and 50% unhappy. I want her to like it and I want her to not like it too 😀 because I want the headband by myself. But now, come to think of it, I am happier that she liked it and really liked it. :) This way I get to know that what I do gets appreciated and I earn a little bit too, to fund my next yarn purchase.

And then! Speaking of yarn purchase, Another came yesterday and oh my! I immediately love two yarns among the lot!

Blue and Pink Jeans Cotton Yarn

Blue and Pink Jeans Cotton Yarn

These two cotton yarns are like jeans. I think they are the strands of thread that makes up jeans fabric. Literally. The shade of pink is so soft and cute and the blue, I just know I have to make a band! and since I no longer wear any accessory I asked another friend if I could make one for her, and she happily obliged!You see, she likes to call them armcandies and has a blog about all the fashionable stuffs see here –>

So with her in mind, i keep thinking of something bold but still pretty simple accessory. The jeans should be the backdrop. I added some leather braids and created some puffy flowers and before I knew it, my hand is covered with eeky super glue. Good thing I have some left over “jewelry findings” i never threw out, so I can make the clasps.. I realize, i miss creating accessories. I had fun during college when I do earrings and (name it- accessories) to fund my physics conference trips and my next week lunch 😀

Lady Blue Jeans Wrist Wrap

Lady Blue Jeans Wrist Wrap

And yes, I am also putting this up for sale for made to order basis, just so I have something that is for sale 😀 hehehe..

Ahh.. now, I have to end this blog because of work.


Dresses and Crochet

I have attempted to crochet dress from the past, none actually reached the conclusion stage:

This woolen navy blue dress for example, I never finished this one because I can never wear it. Look how ambitious the design was. (1) Tube (2) Backless (3) Fitting

I was more into the design aspect of the dress, not into finishing it.

The resulting fabric was thick and heavy. Not really for the type of climate we have in the Philippines.

I am no longer that “thin” as I was before pregnancy, but I also am able to wear “fitted” dress as long as I will not exhale out! 😀

And then this one:

Black Stripes Crocheted Dress

Black Stripes Crocheted Dress

Look how lazy I can get! Just the other sleeves and it’s done… I need motivation…

Blue dress

Blue dress

I think i was trying to create something to this effect.

When all I want is a flowing a-line dress.

I tried to create a wrap around dress with “corset effect” upfront –

Irish Pirate Dress

Irish Pirate Dress

Didn’t go that well because the shoulders were too wide. I will have to redo that part..

And then this, finally.

Lacy Golden Dress

Lacy Golden Dress

Which I have proudly worn in a wedding as I have shared in my previous post

Now I am trying to “create something” again… oh, i just hope this will turn out good and I would actually finish this. 😀

Orange WIP

Orange WIP

Three Way Crocheted Bandeau – Free Pattern

As promised, I have finally written the pattern for my Three-way crocheted bandeau (Though it’s three way, I mostly use this as headband :D)

You can use this as (1) neck scarf (2) Headband (3) belt

Notes on the yarn used:

I used a woolen yarn (90% lambswool) that felts (I did not felt it but it felts overtime when you laundry it) So the resulting texture is very soft.

I am destashing some yarns here:

You can use any kind of yarn you want :) But the texture and output would really be different.

Chillin' with my sister and friend on a hot afternoon

Chillin’ with my sister and friend on a hot afternoon

You can download the pdf pattern here:

Just in case the crochet chart is not clear, download original here:

Three way crocheted bandeau - crochet chart for sides

Three way crocheted bandeau – crochet chart for sides

Please send a comment here for feedback. If you manage to finish a project, do share it on my facebook wall:

Three Way Crocheted Bandeau

Three Way Crocheted Bandeau

Happy crocheting!

Daffodils and Lace Skirt

I was writing the pattern for my blue skirt when I remember one of my favorite poems by William Wordsworth: Daffodils. And as i draw the pattern of the skirt, i see the hills of daffodils… I feel like writing…

daffodils and lace skirt

Daffodils and lace skirt

Daffodils and lace skirt.
[short poem by Lorelie Dazo]

I wander, lonely as I am…
floating aimlessly on the clouds of dreams
I have nothing to own, nothing to claim
but the thoughts to create.
I see the hills of daffodils and I translate them to lace
of pure madness and sheer happiness
a skirt full of grace

From one ball of thread

I have this superfine thread from The yardage is 50g worth of 600m thread, which is quite long compared to my usual ball of yarns.

Incas Alpaca Superfine

50g ball 600m – Picture taken from

And I am excitedly using it for “currently unknown” project. While crocheting with the yarn, my poetic mind keeps using the words ” from one ball of thread ” and i just have to write the words down.

From one ball of thread

From one ball of thread

Crocheted Naruto Mug Coaster

I always love Naruto, and I love drinking coffee.
Don’t you think they go well together?

Crocheted Naruto Mug Chibi Coaster

Crocheted Naruto Mug Chibi Coaster

I have been spending sometime last week looking at this picture:

Naruto Chibi

Naruto Chibi

Trying to comprehend how can i turn my stitches so that it will form Naruto’s lively face. Initially I started by rows. That did not work out. The edges are ugly and ragged. Then I started in cricles which proved more difficult to shape. Come weekend, I retired the project but still the idea keep haunting me that I worked on it again and finally found the trick. Half circles!

So when I am done shaping the face, the rest of the head was easier to make. The details of the face were slip stitched into the sc mesh, with a bit difficulty. I was not even sure if the slip stitches would work out since I usually do embroidery with a needle but it’s a first to do it with a crochet hook.

The effort really paid off, because when my husband came home yesterday and saw the coaster, he was very delighted and wanted to take it with him to work.

My husband with the mug coaster

My husband with the mug coaster

Here is the crocheted mug coaster:

Crocheted Naruto Chibi (2D)

Crocheted Naruto Chibi (2D)

Wear it proudly

When you have worked so hard for a project, the only possible ending you want to be is to wear it, and wear it proudly.

That is what I did last Sunday, February 10, 2013, during my friends’ wedding in Kawit Cavite. The wedding was magical, like almost all weddings, though theirs was akin to a romatic comedy movie, with lots of punchlines and funny stints, that made the whole event light and fun.

Glai, You did it!

This is my friend, Glai, who finally tied the knot after nine years of being in a relationship with Eio.

The maids of honor and the matron :)

This is me and my friends. They are all maids of honor of  Glai, with the exception of me who is already married. I was wearing the golden dress I was raving for how many months since last year.

Golden dress

I finally succeeded in making the dress flowing and ruffled at the hemline, though the dress is a bit short (due to lack of patience)


I have sewn a chiffon of the same color as lining for the dress, so i can wear it more comfortably during the occassion.

Me and my family posing at the church's entrance

Me and my family posing at the church’s entrance

I also wore a handmade lace headband:

Handmade lace Headband

I love my overall look and the fact that I was able to wear it in a memorable event.

This is me – wearing my creation: Happy and Proud :)

Lorelie in Golden Crocheted Dress

Lorelie in Golden Crocheted Dress

Mix & Match – Ginantsilyo

Though the air is still chilly specially in the morning, most of us look forward to summer vacation. Ginantsilyo offers a stylish mix to match the summer heat!

Summer Get Up - Blue Ginantsilyo

Summer Get Up – Blue Ginantsilyo

So, what’s on the shelf? The crocheted skirt is up as a “made to order” item. Small – medium size costs 1,200Php. Add Php200 per size increase.

Blue Crocheted Skirt

Blue Crocheted Skirt

The skirt is made of cotton blend on soft blue tone. The hipline is accentuated with a square motif with adjustable “drawstring” belt.

Another up for grab is the very stylish owl crochet earrings

Blue crochet owl earrings

Blue crochet owl earrings

This pair is a smaller version of the Big & Chunky Earrings offered last month. The earrings are made from embroidery cotton thread with sapphire blue class A stones and kidney earring hooks :)

The earrings are currently available for Php 250. The owl is approximately 1″ (not including the hook and the bead)

* (Bikini top is not available for sale)

**Shipping fee not included.



Calla Lily – Crocheted Earrings

I love the book 100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield. My only problem with this is almost all the lovely flowers I would love to crochet is given as “knit instructions”.

100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield

100 Flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield

But fortunately, I have taken the instructions given in the book as guide to hacking my crochet instructions of the calla lily. If you are a knitter, proceed to following the instructions given in this page. If you are a crocheter like me, I have a decent hack of the said pattern:

100 Flowers to knit and crochet - arum lily

100 Flowers to knit and crochet – arum lily

Note that  I do not claim to have an exact translation of the knit-crochet pattern. Also I am not very good in writing instructions.

This is my crochet version of the motif:

The trick is use embroidery threads instead of yarn, 0.70mm hook and White Glue to make the earrings stiff after crocheting

Tools for creating tiny earrings

Tools for creating tiny earrings

You will need three colors of thread: Yarn A (white), Yarn B (green), Yarn C (yellow)

Use Yarn C:

The spathe is crocheted using 6 strands of thread.

ch 10. Fold in two. (set aside)

Special stitches:

2sc cluster: 2sc in 1 st, equivalent to 2sc count

2sctog: 1 sc in 2 st, equivalent to 1 sc count

(n)sc: where (n) is number, 1sc on 1st (n) times;

The lily:

Use two strands of  Yarn A:

Foundation ch 6, (crochet in rounds, with sl st to close each round)

round 1: 9 sc around

round 2: sc, 2sc cluster (around) make 15 sc

round 3 – 6: 15 sc around

Fill the cavity with excess thread

round 7: sc, 2sctog around (makes 9 sc)

crochet in rows, start each row with ch

row 8-9: 9sc

row 10: sc, 2sc cluster for the remaining 8 st, (17 sc)

row 11: sc, 2sc cluster for the remaining 16 st (33 sc)

row 12-13: 33sc

row 14 – 17: *2sc, 2sctog*  (repeat * til end of row)( make 25sc,  19 sc, 14sc, 11sc)

row 18-23: *2sctog, 2sc* (repeat * til end of row) (make 8sc, 6sc, 4sc, 3sc)

row 24: 2sctog, sc (2 sc)

row 25: 2sctog (1sc)

row 25: sc (1sc)

cut off yarn


Use two strands of Yarn B.

attach yarn to the tip of the lily (foundation ch)

9sc (three rows)


Insert the spathe inside the lily.

Cover the earrings with white glue then let it dry.

Attach pearl/bead to the end of the lily using jewelry wire :)


Final Product:

Dangling Crocheted Earrings - motif: Arum Lily

Dangling Crocheted Earrings – motif: Arum Lily
from 100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield

Second attempt:

Calla Lily White

Calla Lily White